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3D Geometric Shapes Set (~5cm, 17pc, Green)

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Age 18m+ Geometric 3D Shapes (17pc) that can be used to develop an understanding of spatial relationships like area, size and volume. Shapes correspond to the volume sets C1001B01 and C1009B01
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Product: C1010B01

Includes: 3D Geometric Shapes Set (~5cm, 17pc, Green)

The Geometric 3D shapes set relates to the volume sets C1001B01, C1002B01 and C1009B01 and can be used to teach children spatial relationships (like shape, size, area, volume and dimensions) through fun and meaningful activities. Children can develop physical skills (like hand-eye coordination) and creativity while building towers and other structures with geometric shapes. They can also compare the different shapes and answer questions like: "What shapes can roll and why can they roll?" And "What is the difference between a cylinder and a cone?"

The set includes the following shapes: Hemisphere, Sphere, 5cm diameter Cylinder, 2.5cm diameter Cylinder, Rectangular Prism, 5cm Cube, 2.5cm Cube, Square Prism, Pentagonal Prism, 5x5cm Triangular Prism, 2.5x5cm Triangular Prism, Cone, Hexagonal Pyramid, Pentagonal Pyramid, Square Pyramid and Tetrahedron.

To be used for children Age 18m+

Dimensions: 5cm

Colour: Green

Learning Skills: Basic Mathematical Concepts; Creativity; Hand-Eye Coordination; Fine Motor Skills and Shape Recognition.

Material: Non-Toxic Plastic


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