Metric Rod Set - Marked (74pc)

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Age 3+ Weighted number rods for mathematical counting, sorting and manipulating numbers. These rods are gramme-weighted to correspond with the rod length and can be used as weights with a balance.
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Product: A3012A02

Includes: Metric Rod Set - Weight Numbered, Marked (74pc)

Metric rods (also known as Cuisenaire rods) can be used for counting, sorting, visual estimation, fractions, patterns and calculations. There is a precise correspondence between the weight and the length of the rods so that the rods can be used with a balance. Using the rods with a balance develops an understanding of concepts like lighter, heavier and equally heavy. The different lengths are different colours to help children visually compare the rods. Fractions can be taught by asking children parts to whole questions. For example, let’s say the green rod is a whole. How many white rods (parts) fit into the whole? The unmarked Metric rods can be used for basic calculations like subtracting, adding, multiplying and dividing.

To be used for children Age 3+

Dimensions: These rods are gram-weighted. Rods are different lengths.

Colours: Different lengths are different colours.

Learning Skills: Basic Mathematical Concepts, Measurement, Fine Motor Skills, Counting, Sorting and Patterning Skills, and Colour recognition.

Material: Non-Toxic Plastic

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


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