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Age 1+ Different coloured Sorting Circles / Rings (~50cm in diameter; 6pc) that children can use for sorting activities. Colours: yellow, red and blue. Children can sort objects based on their colours, shapes and other defining characteristics. Rings can be be
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Product: T1006A01

Includes: Sorting Circle / Rings ~50cm (3 colours, 6pc) 

Sorting is a fun activity for kids that develops their observation skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration and fine motor skills. By watching how a child sorts objects, an adult can observe how the child is reasoning about the objects. At the age of 2, most children can already sort objects according to shape or colour. These sorting rings are in different colours (for colour sorting) and can be bent into round, star and petal shapes (for shape sorting). The sorting rings can also be used to sort various other objects, like numbers, toys etc. If the child already knows colour mixing then the following sorting activity can be used: Place the sorting rings so they partially intersect. Let the child place blue objects in the blue ring, yellow objects in the yellow ring, and green objects where the two rings intersect. Do the same with red and blue as well as red and yellow.

To be used for children Age 1+

Dimensions: ~50cm in diameter.

Colour: Yellow; Red and Blue

Learning Skills: Basic Mathematical Concepts; Sorting; Fine Motor Skills; Shape and Colour Recognition as well as Colour Mixing

Material: Non-Toxic Plastic

Warning: Do not give small objects to a child under the age of 3 to sort. Choking hazard.


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