Counters - Transport - 36pc (6 design, 6 colour)

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While engaging in sorting, sequencing, and counting exercises, children love playing with the transport counters. Six different transport modes in six different colours are included in the 36-piece transport counter set.
Vehicle types: Cars, buses, trains, boats, airplanes, and helicopters
Colours: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, and Purple
Learning Skills: logical reasoning, hand-eye coordination, number sense, etc.
Material: Sturdy non-toxic rubber plastic
Packaging: Polybags with ziplocks
Warning: Not advised for use by young children under the age of three due to the potential choking hazard.  To be played with under adult supervision
Related Items: Transport Counter Activity Cards (F1012A01-C8), which target various linguistic, sequencing, logical thinking, and number sense skills.

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