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Age 3+ Red seesaw balance scale numbered 1-10 from the centre to the ends of the scale. To be used for basic math calculations, algebra, weight measurement and number value. It develops logical thinking, fine motor skills and observation skills.
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Product: M2004A01

Includes: Balance - Maths - Large Seesaw

Seesaw balances have a very basic design that is easy to use and understand. It can be used to teach children about weight, balance and number value as well as for basic math calculations and algebra. Both sides of the centre have number markings with 1 closest to the centre. If you place a counter on number 8 on one side of the balance and another counter on number 5 on the other side of the balance, then the balance will go down on the side where the counter is on number 8 to show that 8>5. This way, children can learn number values. The seesaw balance scale can also be used for basic math calculations like 3+5 = 8; 2x2 = 4; etc. Balance scales are great tools to develop observation skills and logical thinking as well as fine motor skills. The seesaw balance scale works best with 1cm cube counters.

To be used for children Age 3+

Dimensions: Balance scale that looks like a seesaw numbered 1 -10 on each side

Colour: Red

Learning Skills: Basic Mathematical Concepts; Measuring and Comparing Values; Logical Thinking; Observation Skills and Fine Motor Skills

Material: Non-Toxic Plastic

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


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