Fraction Multilareral Blocks (soft bendable durable, 48pc)

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Age 3+ A fraction set (48pc) that can be used to understand equivalent fractions, fraction size and basic calculations with fractions.
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Product: C3019A01

Includes: Fraction Multilateral Blocks (soft bendable durable, 48pc)

The set includes the following shapes in 2 different sizes: hexagon, isosceles trapezoid, right trapezoid, right triangles, parallelograms and equilateral triangles. 

This multilateral fraction set can be used to teach children about fractions concretely and enjoyably. Let children learn about equivalent fractions, e.g. show that 1 small equilateral triangle is 1/6 of the hexagon, and 2 equilateral triangles are 1/3 of the big rectangle (2/6 = 1/3). Children can also learn to understand fraction sizes, e.g. 1/3 > 1/8 even though 8>3. The set can be used to do concrete basic calculations with fractions. Other activities these multilateral fraction pieces can be used for include creative designs, colour recognition, making a shape out of other shapes and identifying 2D geometric shapes.

To be used for children Age 3+

Dimensions: Each shape comes in 2 different sizes.

Colour: Yellow; Green; Blue & Red

Learning Skills: Basic Mathematical Concepts; Fraction Concepts & Colour and Shape Recognition.

Material: Soft, bendable and durable foam

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


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