Tornado Tube Connectors (20pc)

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Age 3+ Links the necks of two soft-drink bottles with these connecting tubes. Make a tornado in the bottle by shaking it a few times. Observe the rotation in the vortex | Stimulate the concepts of physics, potential energy & dynamics | Bottles not included.
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Product: T1003A01

Includes: Tornado Tube Connectors (20pc)

A Tornado Tube connector can be used to connect any two soft-drink bottles. First, throw something light (e.g. glitter) or liquid (e.g. coloured water) into a bottle till the bottle is about half full. Then connect the two bottles' necks with a tornado tube connector. Let the child turn the connected bottles into circles to create a tornado or whirlpool. This way, children learn about scientific concepts like physics, potential energy & dynamics. Bottles are not included in the set.

To be used for children Age 3+

Dimensions: Just the right size to connect the necks of 2 soft-drink bottles

Colour: Blue, Red, Yellow and Green

Learning Skills: Basic Scientific Concepts; Observation Skills.

Material: Non-Toxic Plastic

Warning: Consider CHOKING HAZARDs when you decide what to put in the bottles.


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