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Bones - Number Crunchers Bonds to 10 (pk of 100)

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Bones Number Cruncher Bonds to 10 are an excellent resource for practicing these early maths skills.
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The Bonds of 10 are a fundamental concept of Foundation Phase maths. Number bonds are also often referred to as 'number pairs'. They are simply the pairs of numbers that make up a given number. In this case the ‘bonds’ are just any two numbers that add to 10. \n \nNumber bonds provide a mental picture of the relationship between 2 numbers. These mental pictures are the key to enabling children to do mental arithmetic. Knowing addition number bonds means that children will understand subtraction with ease. If they know that 3+4 = 7 they will quickly realise that when they see 7-4 = ?, the answer is 3 because by a process of elimination 3 is the missing number in this number bond. It helps children to see that subtraction is a mirror image of addition. They begin to see the patterns in numbers and to learn mathematical principles rather than having to memorise each individual sum. Number bonds are the foundation blocks your child needs to progress with maths. Once they know all of the number bonds for 1-10, they will have the information they need to subtract using the numbers 1-10. \n \nThe best way to teach number bonds is to use games. Bones Number Cruncher Bonds to 10 are an excellent resource for practicing these early maths skills. Knowledge of number bonds is essential when it comes to harder calculations involving addition and subtraction \n

How to use the Bones:

\nEach Bone has a “slider” that can be moved to conceal part of the maths sentence. Children need to calculate which part of the maths sentence has been concealed. \n \nFor example: In Number Crunchers to 10 Bones may have the Maths Sentence 2 + 4 = 6 The slider can be moved to conceal any part of this maths sentence. \n \nThe Number Cruncher to 10 Bones are 214mm x 60mm in dimension, and come in a pack of 100 \n \nThe “Bones” series of products are new to Learning Tools and we are very excited to introduce them to the South African market. \n \nThe Bones are screen printed onto the high quality yellow plastic. Research shows that black printed onto yellow materials optimises visual clarity. The Bones are manufactured and designed in according to the highest quality European standards. \n \nThe Bone is a high quality plastic product that has been manufactured with a “slider” in the centre. The slider can be moved according to the teacher’s discretion to conceal a specific part of the maths sum in question. The product offers children practical ways in which to engage in the area of learning being presented by the teacher.

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